About “RISC-V Meeting” and “RISC-V Week” series

From the start, the main objective of these events was to gather together hardware and software communities that could benefit from new collaborations enabled by the advent of open source hardware. If RISC-V was the triggering initiatve for the first people involved in the Meetings and then the Week, the expansion of open source in all aspects of hardware development was quickly seen as a game changer and taken into account.

October 2018, Grenoble – The “1st RISC-V Meeting”

The very first “RISC-V Meeting” was dedicated to “Accademic RISC-V opportunities”.

It was on invitation only, and took place on Wednesday October 17th, 2018, on CEA premises at Minatec Grenoble, France.

More information on this first edition can be found here.

October 2019, Paris – The “1st RISC-V Week”: “2nd RISC-V Meeting” and “GDR SOC2 Scientific Day”

Thanks to the success of the closed 1st RISC-V Meeting, we decided to improve the 2nd edition: expand it to two days, move it to Paris to reach a larger audience, open its audience to industry, and invite international speakers.

The program was still made of invited speakers only. Tutorials and keynotes were introduced, but the format of regular sessions, three to four short prensentations followed by a mini-panel, was kept.

It turned out that the GDR SOC2 was also interested in organizing a RISC-V event, although more focused on scientific issues, at about the same time frame. We decided to join forces. This gave birth to the “1st RISC-V Week”, an umbrella for the two events of October 2019.

March 2021, Rennes, Palaiseau, Grenoble and online – The “2nd RISC-V Week”: “3rd RISC-V Meeting” and “OpenHW Day”

The two days format of the RISC-V Meeting was found to still be relevant, just as the “RISC-V Week” umbrella to cooperate with another event. But due to the pandemic the original dates, 3rd-5th November 2020, were cancelled and postponed to March 30th/April 1st 2021.

The third day of the “2nd RISC-V Week” was the “OpenHW Day” organised by the OpenHW Group. It program was an interactive update on the CORE-V IP Cores, running projects and supporting infrastructure.

May 2022, Paris – The “Spring 2022 RISC-V Week”: “4th RISC-V Meeting” and “RISC-V International Day”

The Spring 2022 edition will be in real life to resume the great networking opportunities of pre-pandemic events. To make the event even more appealing, we have added an exhibition, a poster session, and a social event!

There was some confusion in the numbering of the “Week” and “Meeting” which were offset by 1. For simplicity, we have abandoned the sequential numbering for the “Week” in favour of naming based on the year and season. We have kept the numbering only for the “Meeting”.

Therefore the “Spring 2022 RISC-V Week” will start by “4th RISC-V Meeting” for two days, and will be followed by a “RISC-V International Day” organised by RISC-V International.


The Organising Committee of the events can be reached at: organisation@open-src-soc.org.