2nd RISC-V Week Banner

Two RISC-V events over 3 days!

The program is online and registration is open!

Online + Rennes, Paris (Palaiseau) & Grenoble

Virtual & Real Life Venues

The original schedule for this 2nd RISC-V Week was early November 2020, and was expected to be an event in real life. Due to ongoing sanitary conditions we had to postpone it until and settled for late March/early April, expecting improvement of the sanitary conditions.

As the pandemic seems to be lasting, we decided to turn it into a virtual event.

However, in order to encourage networking and scientific exchanges between participants, and if the sanitary conditions allow us to do so, three sites will be prepared to open to participants.

Virtual Event

The video system will allow for remote connexion of speakers and attendees for presentations and Q&A sessions. Unfortunately, we will not be in a position to provide virtual rooms for ad-hoc chat sessions.

Real-Life Venues

Depending on authorizations and sanitary rules, we plan to provide access to actual venues in the two following locations:

Unfortunately the following location, in Rennes, will not be in a position to acomodate guests due to the current sanitary conditions, and will remain closed: